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Nathan Tucker is a University of New Orleans alumnus, where he graduated in 2015 with a dual degree in Journalism and Film Production. While in attendance, he consistently worked and volunteered in the production of student films, and was a supportive member of the collected audio-visual technicians within the department.

Since his graduation, Tucker has committed himself to honing his craft via his impassioned elevation of community voices; subsequently, much of his collaborations and projects aim to showcase local businesses, nonprofits, and unique visions. 

Tucker has a predisposition for being able to see the nuanced, complex, and captivating individuality and resilience within people–the valuable but often unseen qualities of day-to-day life and the people who populate it.  This led him to greater exploration of street photography, wherein he was able to create depth, and exalt the beauty of the individuals he captures in his portraits.

Amongst a myriad of accolades, he has had his work shown at Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery in New Orleans, has his articles and photography frequently published in Antigravity Magazine, and juried the 2019 MyNew Orleans Photo Project calendar. 

Additional passions include studying and exploring the indigineous flora and fauna of the Gulf South.

Interested parties should not hesitate to contact Tucker for all collaborations, questions, and proposals.